LISTEN, children,
    Your father is dead.
    From his old coats
    I'll make you little jackets;
    I'll make you little trousers
    From his old pants.
    There'll be in his pockets
    Things he used to put there:
    Keys and pennies
    Covered with tobacco.
    Dan shall have the pennies
    To save in his bank;
    Anne shall have the keys
    To make a pretty noise with.
    Life must go on
    And the dead be forgotten;
    Life must go on
    Though good men die.
    Anne, eat your breakfast;
    Dan, take your medicine.
    Life must go on;
    I forget just why.
    Edna St. Vincent Millay
    Image: : REUTERS


  1. Good stuff my dear, it seem the writer is expressing some sort of loss and is trying hard to forget the pain inside. I can relate to this as i have recently lost a close member of my family and no matter how i try to tell myself life goes on i still carry the painful reminder deep inside. And yes their are mornings you wake up thinking about it and tell yourself life goes on but you know deep down inside that empty feeling exsists and its easy to lose your way. Thx for sharing this great poem, cheers!!!


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